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Upcoming Events…

IBA France – Fair Play Sport, Paris Course – Kobudo: Atemi Jutsu : Wado Ryu : Shotokan, 2023 (Dates TBC) –  Instructors: Sensei Josh Johnson Hanshi, 9th Dan, UK; Sensei Jen-Pierre Vignau Hanshi, 9th Dan, France.  Contact +44(0)1430 447447 for details.


Past Events…

IBA Belgium – Coupe D’Europe 2019 Competition – Messancy – Kumite and Kata Competition, 22nd April… Photographs from this event can be viewed on The International Budo Association Facebook Page @ https://www.facebook.com/pg/TheInternationalBudoAssociation/photos/?ref=page_internal

Pictures of the IBA Course at the Dojo of Jean-Pierre Vignau Hanshi, 2017, can be found on our facebook page.


O-Sensei Phil Milner’s autobiography – “HARD as NAILS” now sold out.

The autobiography of Josh Johnson Hanshi, IBA President “JUST a BOYS GAME” is also now sold out.  

The IBA is a collective of like minded Martial Arts practitioners with the sole aim of developing a home for both clubs and individuals. It is suited to those who like a supporting body but without the politics and constraints often associated with membership of a controlling organisation.

Membership is admitted from all disciplines though current membership is predominantly traditional arts with most of our members joining after referral from an existing club or member.

The IBA offers advice, assistance and facilities for training, courses, competition and grading/syllabus support. Insurance, CRB checks and Dan grade ratification are some of the benefits associated with membership.

The IBA is a global organisation with current membership covering all corners of the globe; from Canada to Sri Lanka but with the majority of members from the UK and mainland Europe.

All Information on this Web Site has been gathered from Grandmaster Phil Milner’s personal records 1965 to 2000.
I.B.A. Archives and Historical Date from the files of:

Walter Seaton (Stockton-on-Tees)
Dave Allen (Huddersfield)
John Hall (France)
Graham Morley (Doncaster)
Ken Whitham (Nottingham)
Arnie Bestwick (D) (Worksop)
Josh Johnson (Wakefield)
Edgar Aukland (Barnsley)

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