Joining the IBA

If you are interested in joining the IBA or wish to purchase any of our products, click on the links below to download the relevant form:

IBA main application form – Download this form if purchasing more than 1 licence or registration or additional products to calculate the total price (see conditions below for certificates and diplomas)

IBA registration only – For members with an existing club licence and insurance

IBA licence & Registration – For members without an existing licence and insurance (or wanting a separate one)

Registration and Licences
Grade Registration only Full Licence & Insurance New (UK only) Renewal (UK only)
Dan £10.00/€15,00/$20.00 Seniors (16+) £16.00 £12.00
Kyu or Mon £8.00/€14,00/$16.00 Juniors (5-15) £14.00 £12.00
Certificates and Badges
Dojo Affiliation Certificate* £15.00/€23,00/$25.00
Kyu Grade Certificates £10.00/€15,00/$20.00
Dan Grade Certificates* £16.00/€25,00/$30.00
Instructors Diplomas* £16.00/€25,00/$30.00
IBA Gi Badge £10.00/€9,00/$11.00
Budopass Book (booklet onlyNO insurance/registration) £6.00/€15,00/$20.00

* Requires 24 registered IBA members – see note below


Applications for registration and/or licences will be accepted from individuals.  However, Dojo Affiliation Certificates, Dan Grade Certificates and Instructors Diplomas will NOT be issued to clubs holding less than 24 registered IBA members UNLESS the applications are submitted through the Chief Instructor Officers listed on the IBA Executive Council.  (See “Member Information” page for current Executive Members).  Applications submitted for the above certificates by the Chief Instructors will be issued, irrespective of the number of members, based on their personal recommendations.

Non UK or European applicants should call or e-mail for payment costs and methods.

Send all completed cheques and remittances to:

Josh Johnson (Shihan) – 9th Dan Hanshi
Chief Instructor & President
5 Valentine Mews
West Yorkshire

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