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Decisions on membership matters and direction of the IBA is democratic, with all full members holding voting rights on decisions related to IBA governance.The current controlling body of the IBA is as follows:

Seniority within the IBA follows the Japanese system and is based on continuous, time-served membership, irrespective of any actual or honorary grade of the individuals.

List of Rankings –


IBA seniority standing as taken from Phil Milner O-Senseis records and files dating 1965 to 2000 is as follows:
Dave AllenWally Seaton 2009
Walter Seaton
Josh Johnson
Steve Costello
Ken Whitham
Dave Slaney
Jean-Pierre Vignau

Any Official IBA Title or Position can only be used after the letter of recommendation and acceptance/appointment is received from the IBA World President and Kaicho – Josh Johnson, 9th Dan Hanshi – signed, sealed and issued from the Wakefield Karate & Martial Arts College, UK.

Titles and Positions within the IBA are awarded in recognition of members contribution to the furtherance of the IBA in their own country through promotion and popularisation.

For example: The Chief Instructor title would be awarded when there are 100 members registered with the IBA from their country.

Directorship and Presidential status will only be awarded when they have achieved, and are retaining, in excess of 200 members within their group.

Current Presidential Positions within the IBA are –

IBA President to France: Jean-Pierre Vignau, 9th Dan Hanshi

IBA President to Switzerland: Alain Thévoz, 6th Dan

IBA President to Belgium: Jacqui Binda, 8th Dan

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